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Kerres - Giovani per l'Alto Molise - is an Italian regional Youth Association for the social and economic development of disadvantaged rural areas as the Alto Molise. Kerres, amongst other objectives, seeks to encourage youth autonomy, to develop in young people the consciousness to be active players in the promotion of employment opportunities, and in particular in sustainable tourism through local, regional and international projects.

Main Projects:

• "Red de jóvenes, n° 117687-5.1.XL-ES-14-2004-R1, Youth Program of DG Educational and Cultural of the European Commission", Spain, Portugal and Italy 2004-2006. Project to create a network of young people to embank the emigration phenomenon in social and economic disadvantage rural areas;

• "Europ@ on line" Newletter. It is a mountly newsletter to provide information on european politics and job opportunities to young people;

• "Fiera delle Arti e Mestieri Antichi” Agnone (Summer 2004-2007). Project aimed to salvage historical center of Agnone, to save craft's tradition of the area, to promote
typical foodstuff and sustainable turism;

• "Riscoperta delle Antiche Fonderie del Rame” Agnone, 2004-2007. Project aimed to retrive an industrial archaeological site, creating and managing a museum on the
ancient art of coopersmiths, and offering eco-sustainable tourist activities in a fabulous natural setting;

• "Fiera eno-gastronomica - 700 anni-Agnone Città Regia” Agnone, December 2005 . It is a typical food’s trade-faire;
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